Slewing Drive

Slewing Drive

Products Class of This Type

  • SD14 Slewing Drive

    Slewing Drive SD14 is SD Series Slewing Drive which used on Construction Machiney, SD Series Slewing Drive works stabel and Durable with double sealed

  • SD12 Slewing Drive

    When a slewing drive is used in solar energy industry, users have to choose an ideal one according to the actual area of solar panels. Broadly speaking, SE3 slewing drive is suitable for solar power system coming with 3- 5 m2 solar panel, SE7 for 10-17 m2 solar panel, SE9 for 18-30 m2, SE12 for 31-45 m2, and SE14 for 46-60 m2.

  • SD17 Slewing Drive

    SD Series has SD3,SD5,SD7,SD9,SD14,SD17,SD25,SD21,SD32,SD12

  • SD21 Slewing Drive

    OEM slewing dirve available, no matter toothed or worm gear slewing drive, There are big difference between the main and driven parts, it is easier to realize a transmission with a large transmission ratio.

  • SD25-2 Slewing Drive

    In terms of full-cycle rotary structure of engineering and construction machinery, as well as solar energy, wind energy and automatic tracking machinery for long-term operation, due to the short transmission chain of compact structure, rotary drive is easy to achieve higher accuracy and easier to carry out digital control, so it is also widely used in the field of industrial robots.

  • SD25 Slewing Drive

    The advantages of slewing drive is modularity,safety&simplified main engine design. Worm gear transmission can get a relatively larger reduction ratio than traditional gear transmission , in some cases, can save the reducer parts for the host, so that not only reduce the procurement cost for customers, but also greatly reduce the failure rate of the host.

  • SD21-2 Slewing Drive

    There is 3inch,5inch,7inch,12inch,14inch,17inch,21inch,25inch

  • SD17-2 Slewing Drive

    Widly used on construction machinery,solar energy, wind energy,robots and automatic tracking machinery.

  • SD14-2 Slewing Drive

    Rotary drive can be used in any situation that requires full cycle rotation and requires variable speed. Rotary drive is the best solution when it is necessary to realize the power transmission of large rotary drive torque with high precision movement transmission or the selection of mechanism with high requirements of compact structure

  • SD9 Slewing Drive

  • WD9 Slewing Drive

  • WD14 Slewing Drive

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