RB12016 bearing 120X150X16MM,used in index table swiveling unit or machine tools

RB12016 bearing 12…

LYMC Precision bearing offer crossed rol…

RE7013 Precision bearing cross roller bearing 70X100X13MM,in stock

RE7013 Precision b…

Crossed roller bearing RE7013 Belongs to…

RU85,RU85UUCC0P4 Crossed roller bearing Bearing55X120X15MM apply for robot equipment,quick delivery


RU85 is RU series(Integrated Inner/Outer…

XU05077 Crossed roller slewing bearing no gear, XU05077 slewing ring supplier,40x112x22mm

XU05077 Crossed ro…

XU05077Crossed roller bearings are light…

SX011814 Crossed roller bearing Sample,70X90X10mm, in stock, Robotics/Machine tools application

SX011814 Crossed r…

SX011814 belong to Crossed roller bearin…

CRBH8016 Bearing 80x120x16mm stock and price use for robot machine

CRBH8016 Bearing 8…

CRBH8016(Integrated Inner/Outer Ring typ…

CRB40035 CRBC40035 Crossed roller bearing specification/package/delivery time/precision grade,P4 P5 Grade

CRB40035 CRBC40035…

CRB40035 With the Cross-Roller Ring, cyl…

RA20013 Crossed roller bearing Belongs to Model RA Separable outer ring type,200X226X13MM

RA20013 Crossed ro…

LYMC Precision bearing offer crossed rol…


Package Machinery
Package Machinery
Package Machinery

"Quality is king" is our slogan, "Price & Service is Queen" is our purpose! As a manufacturer for slewing bearing designing, machining, assembling, fabricating and repairing, we provide project for all your requirements.

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Questions about Maintenance of Tower Crane Slewing Bearings

Questions about Maintenance of Tower Crane Slewing Bearings

The installation rubber support of the slewing bearing (the base supporting the bottom edge of the abs gear ring and the base placing the upper surface of the inner seat ring) must have sufficient rigidity and the installation surface can be leveled. Before installing the slewing bearing, the rubber bearing should be relieved of ground stress to reduce the deformation of the slewing bearing rubber bearing. The surface of the rubber bearing and slewing bearing must be cleaned and tidy during installation.

About The Bearing Grade P0 P6 P5 P4 P2

About The Bearing Grade P0 P6 P5 P4 P2

The bearing grade is divided into four grades: PO-P6-P5-P4-P2. The PO grade is the national standard and the most common standard in the bearing industry, so it is also called the ordinary grade. The majority of domestic manufacturers also They all produce PO grade products, and P2 grade is the highest precision grade! Specific technical parameters are also standard. A brief summary is as follows: the benchmark of accuracy

How does a slewing bearing work?

How does a slewing bearing work?

The rotary bearing is a rotary support, and it is called the revolving ring, and the rotation support is also known as the turntable bearing, consisting of the inner ring and outer ring. The inner ring or outer ring typically contains gears, and both elements include connecting holes, so that power transmission can be optimized by a simple and quick connection between adjacent components.

Slewing bearing manufacturer

Slewing bearing manufacturer

Slewing ring bearings are also called turnable bearings. The main structure includes: inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements, and rolling element-guided cages. They are important transmission components in mechanical equipment. They are used in engineering machinery, light industrial machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, Ship equipment and other industries are widely used. Today, We will take you to understand the manufacturing process and detailed steps of slewing bearings.

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